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How to compare our stay at hotel

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How to compare our stay at the hotel ??

  1. Nowadays there are many websites available to book the hotel online, they provide a much easy and convenient platform for the seekers.
  2. Most of the website shows the real snaps, inside look (how the room look like) ambiance, location and the nearest station (bus, train)
  3. In this way, they provide relevant information to the end user.
  4. People find convenient to book the hotel online plus there is a huge discount offer on online booking.
  5. There is an option available for Breakfast or without breakfast cost.
  6. After selection and payment done or pay at hotel option they will send you to invoice to your submitted mail id or mobile confirmation text.

Now, what is pay @ Hotel Option?

People love the top book there stay online but want to pay while they actually check in. so this option is for them. They book there to stay in advance and pay when they are at a hotel. This way they avoid online transaction./ They can either pay by cash or can use their credit card.

After booking system generates the invoice which gives all the record like date of booking, Time of booking, Date of arrival, Time of arrival, No day they are going to stay at property etc.

Plus this invoice includes GST Tax part.

As I told you in the beginning that there are many online hotel booking websites and portals available in the market for end users to book their hotel conveniently. we introduce in the market. We compare 1000 website at a time to provide the best deal to our end users. We also compare Flight ticket rates.


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