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“Some people say Football is a matter of Life and Death. I assure you, it’s much more serious than that.”

This quote by Bill Shankly perfectly sums up why Football is the most popular sport played and equally worshiped across the globe. With the Football World Cup around the corner, it is quite difficult for a football enthusiast to curb the enthusiasm. All eyes will be set on Russia this summer, as the country is all set to host one of the biggest footballing competition, World Cup 2018. So, all you football fanatics, be prepared to thrill your eyes with the brilliance of footballing geniuses like Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Andreas Iniesta and Mohammed Salah.

While some prefer to watch the World Cup sitting indoors or visiting a local pub, others go the extra mile by visiting the stadium to take their footballing spirit to a whole next level. Also, keep in mind that games will be played in 12 stadiums across 11 cities so no matter what match you choose, there will be some travel involved. So, if you are among those who are planning to visit Russia to cheer for your favorite team, then his blog will be your travelogue.

Hop on the plane fellas! Here’s a compilation of the best of hotels you can stay during your visit to Russia and things you can luxuriate in during your spare time without accounting for an excessive travel and accommodation expenditure:

1.YekaterinburgArena, Yekaterinburg

Apart from just watching football matches, you can visit the local museums or at local libraries to kill some time. A magnificent monument of Michael Jackson, king of pop can sure urge you to perform a moonwalk. Make most of the tour in Russia by visiting Keyboard Monument which is an outdoor sculpture featuring QWERTY keyboard.

Yekaterinburg Arena

Major Fixtures at Yekaterinburg Arena

  • Mexico vs SWEDEN

Nearest Airport: Koltsovo International Airport

Our exclusive picks for your stay:

  • Apartment on Sherbakova (around 27 €)
  • Skaz Hotel (around 16 €), Capsule Hotel Orion (around 18 €)

2.Kaliningrad Stadium, Kaliningrad

Having a miserable day? Enjoy the merry company of big cats and hippos by spending a quality time at local Kaliningrad zoo which will surely brighten up your day. If paleontology fascinates you, then prehistoric insects and plants fossilized in the resin at the amber museum will surely pique your interest. You can also buy amber jewelry in the museum or from the vendors outside as a reminisce to commemorate this journey.

Kaliningrad Stadium

Major Fixtures at Kaliningrad Stadium:

  • Croatia vs Nigeria
  • Serbia vs Switzerland
  • Spain vs Morocco
  • England vs Belgium

Nearest Airport: Khrabrovo Airport

Our exclusive picks for your stay:

  • Buen Retiro (around 37 €)
  • Oberteich Luxe Hotel (around 49 €)
  • Chaika Hotel (around 86 €)

3.Kazan Arena, Kazan

Experience the peace and tranquility by visiting the Temple of All Religions which is in the vicinity of the stadium. No matter what your religious inclination, the temple is a feast for the eyes.

Kazan Arena

Major Fixtures at Kazan Arena:

  • France vs Australia
  • Iran vs Spain
  •  Poland vs Colombia
  • South Korea vs Germany

Nearest Airport: Kazan International Airport

Our exclusive picks for your stay:

  • Mirage Hotel (around 87 €)
  • Hotel Nogai (around 75 €)
  • Crystal Hotel (around 40)


4.Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow

A visit to Kremlin and Red Square will tantalize your senses and soothe your spirit. Relish your taste buds by sipping in a cup of coffee at the local retro clubs which comes in Soviet flavor. Fingers crossed for a grand opening ceremony to the World Cup which will take place here!

Major Fixtures at Luzhniki Stadium:

  • Russia vs Saudi Arabia
  • Germany vs Mexico
  • Portugal vs Morocco
  • Denmark vs France

Nearest Airport: Domodedovo Airport

Our exclusive picks for your stay:

  • Holiday Inn Moscow Sokolnki (around 49 €)
  • Izmailovo Alfa Hotel (around 70 €)

5.Nizhny Novgorod stadium, Nizhny Novgorod

If history fascinates you, then you can visit the red brick Kremlin, stone cathedrals, a futuristic planetarium and medieval monasteries which are in the neighborhood of the stadium. The confluence of river Volga and Oka is a sight for sore eyes for wandering travelers.

Major Fixtures at Nizhny Novgorod stadium:

  • Sweden vs South Korea
  • Argentina vs Croatia
  • England vs Panama
  • Switzerland vs Costa Rica                                                     

Nearest Airport: Strigino International Airport.

Our exclusive picks for your stay:

  • Design-Hotel Privet Ya Doma (around 18 €)
  • Sheraton Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin (around 78 €)
  • Marins Park Hotel Nizhny Novgorod (around 35 €)

6.Rostov Arena, Rostov-on-Don

Rostov-on-Don is a delightful city with green parks and monumental squares. Take a lazy stroll across the Black Sea coast and engage with your partner in endless conversation as you witness the mesmerizing sunset.

Major Fixtures at Rostov Arena:

  • Sweden vs South Korea
  • Argentina vs Croatia
  • England vs Panama
  • Switzerland vs Costa Rica                                

Nearest Airport: Strigino International Airport

  • Our exclusive picks for your stay:
  • Hotel Legenda (around 49 €)
  • Ostrovsky Hotel (around 35 €)
  • Topos Congress-Hotel (around 40 €)

7.Krestovsky stadium, Saint Petersburg

In case, if you hate staying indoors, then amaze yourself with some splendid architectural gems like the Winter Palace and Kazan Cathedral. If you have ample of time, then you can explore the world-renowned art collection at Hermitage Social butterflies can also visit the local clubs and dance to some smooth jazz music in the background to make this trip unforgettable.

Krestovsky stadium

Major Fixtures at Krestovsky stadium:

  • Morocco vs Iran
  • Russia vs Egypt
  • Brazil vs Costa Rica
  • Nigeria vs Argentina                                                      

Nearest Airport: Pulkovo Airport

Our exclusive picks for your stay:

  • Alex Aqua (around 30 €)
  • Mini Hotel Blues na Nevskom (around 26 €)

8.Cosmos Arena, Samara

An evening at Samara can be really captivating. Tour a Russian brewery and relish yourself with vodka, rum, beer and scrumptious chocolates. And you do curse yourself if you miss the sensational sunset on the beaches along the banks of the river Volga.

Major Fixtures at Cosmos Arena:

  • Costa Rica vs Serbia
  • Denmark vs Australia
  • Uruguay vs Russia
  • Senegal vs Colombia

Nearest Airport:  Kurumoch International Airport.

Our exclusive picks for your stay

  • Hotel 19 (around 27 €)
  • Hotel Green Line Samara (around 47 €)
  • Almira Hotel (around 47 €)c

9.Modovia Arena, Saransk

Known for its cozy streets, crowded malls and art museums, you can hang around at some local malls, walk a mile on the cushy streets or spend time watching artistry at the art museums to fritter away time.

Major Fixtures at Mordovia Arena:

  • Peru vs Denmark
  • Colombia vs Japan
  • Iran vs Portugal
  • Panama vs Tunisia

Nearest Airport: Saransk Airport

Our exclusive picks for your stay:

  • Mini Hotel Gostevoy Dom (around 22 €)
  • Severny Zamok Hotel (around 43 €)

10.Fisht Olympic Stadium, Sochi

From glorious sunset to late night pool parties, life in Sochi is on cloud nine if you fancy nightlife. Agura Valley which stands outside of the town is a perfect place for hiking which offers a picturesque view to the climber.

Fisht Olympic Stadium

Major Fixtures at Fisht Olympic Stadium:

  • Portugal vs Spain
  • Belgium vs Panama
  • Germany vs Sweden
  • Australia vs Peru

Nearest Airport: Sochi International Airport.

Our exclusive picks for your stay:

  • Tsvetnoy 5 Hotel (around 35 €)
  • Estet Hotel (around 34 €)
  • Coocooorooza Pansionat (around 23 €)

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So, all you football fanatic guys, don’t let anything ruin your football spirit and plan an inexpensive trip to Russia seamlessly.

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